Jan. 8th, 2008


Jan. 8th, 2008 12:39 pm
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The reason for the silence is that nothing much of interest is happening, and I'm not in the mood for a rant, and I haven't got time for a blog summary, and nothing in the business world seems to merit comment. I don't want to bore you again with tales of the gym (which was packed as I was leaving -- the queue at 12.03pm looked to contain nearly every woman under the age of 30 working in W1) and any talk about the US primaries would just duplicate that which has been written, far more proficiently, elsewhere.

Even the poker is progressing "according to plan", so I have nothing much of interest to write about there. I'm playing shortish sessions of $200 buy-in (three-tabling) on one IP network, while on the other, shorter-bankrolled, site, I'm sticking to $100 buy-in and playing slightly longer sessions. I don't like playing at two levels simultaneously, and psychologically it seems to help if one of my aliases is "a $100 player", while the other is a $200 player". Schedule for the year is roughly four days a week of 400 hands on average (Mon-Thur) and three days of 600 hands on average (Fri-Sun), with a third at $200 and two-thirds at $100. This latter will, hopefully, gradually change in favour of $200. At the moment I have a 3.5 buy-in cushion at $200 before I drop back to $100 to regroup (an action that I hope will be unnecessary). At the shorter-bankroll site I want to win another 13 buy-ins at $100 before moving up to the higher stakes there.

I did a quick check of my performance with various numbers of players. By far my best figures come when there are seven or eight players at the table (IP offers 8-player tables as well as 10-player tables). This falls off by about 40% on the 6-player/5-player tables, and by 60% on the nine- and 10-player tables.

I also feel most comfortable at 8- or 7-handed tables. Six still feels "a bit short" (particularly bespoke 6-handed, which often means five players a good proportion of the time), while 10-handed just plays differently (and, on IP, intolerably slowly).


Oh, one mini-rant. Who designs the way that those hot-air hand-dryers work in gym changing rooms, or in the toilets of hotel facilities? What's the cut-off system? How does the sensor work? Because, in my case at least, they seem to cut out repetitively. After a while, you get pissed off.


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