Feb. 25th, 2008


Feb. 25th, 2008 01:32 pm
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"So, how many shirts have you got?" my friend Jan asked me, surveying a rather crowded shirt-rail.
"37", I said.
"That's rather a lot of shirts", she said, subsequently adding, as if it were an afterthought;
"particularly since there's only seven days in the week, and your shirts all seem to be much the same colour".

Utter nonsense, of course (although I will accept the number of days in the week point). Not all my shirts are blue or have some blue in them. Some of them are white. Some, indeed, are yellow. But, apart from one beigey shirt, I have to admit that the influence of red and green has gradually disappeared from my shirt collection over the years.

So, I bought myself a green shirt (oh, okay, bluey-green). I did so because I was in British Home Stores, buying lampshades for downstairs, and it was in a sale. And it was easy-iron. And it wasn't blue. Or yellow.

I could have completed my shopping rather more quickly had not the staff at the lampshade payout desk been utterly incapable of working out how much to charge a customer who qualified for 20% off two items, one priced £30 and the other priced £25. I had to help them out eventually. It was painful to listen to, it really was.


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