Mar. 17th, 2008

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Back to the gym today after a very dilatory week the previous seven days. Forced myself to do 20 mins on cross trainer and 5K on the rowing machine.

The new headphones are not good for the old sweat -- you can get hot fairly quickly. But they are brilliant for filtering out the mindless gumph that is pumped out on Fitness First speakers. It's normally impossible to have a classical piec of music on your headphones because the intrusive bass from whatever track is playing on Fitness First - Music for Dicks, will drown it out. But the new Sennheisers make it possible. So I can heartily recommend Beethoven's Fifth as an excellent piece of music for the rowing machine. Including, surprisingly, the slow movement. The Sixth, by comparison, would be unlikely to check in as a rowing machine piece. I may try the Eroica tomorrow.

Inspired by my new-found dedication, I bought spinach, eggs, a leek, mushrooms, and all the normal salad stuff on a trip to Tesco after work. When I got home I got out the steamer and did orange peppers, leeks, spinach, 2 boiled eggs and a small portion of fresh tagliatelle in the water at the bottom. Added some chopped cooked ham. Total cooking time, no more than 10 minutes for completely fresh ingredients and absolutely yummy. Why don't I do that more often?


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