Mar. 18th, 2008

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When I come back from the gym to the changing room, I open my locker to retrieve my towel. I then place my MP3 player, headphones and water bottle in the locker, and lock it. I then take off shoes, etc, and head to shower.

So, my question is this. Why do I lock away an empty water bottle, but leave a £40 pair of trainers out in the open?

Because, mysteriously, someone would steal the empty water bottle, but not the trainers.


I've gone back full tilt into the training, rather than trying to "build up" to full sessions. And I'm paying for it at the moment. But the gradualism didn't seem to work. Has to be 5k on the rowing machine and 20 mins on the cross-trainer, plus three weights, to make any progress.


It's a comfort that opponents can be so bad that, even when you face three flopped flushes in an evening, with a set, top two pair and top and bottom respectively, you still get out for less than a single buy-in down over the evening. In fact it felt as if I couldn't win a coin toss or a hand to save my life, but I guess that I must have, because I was always just about hanging in there.


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