Mar. 26th, 2008

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So, we went to Bluewater yesterday, to buy me some clothes. I'm not sure what it is that allows me to chuck out a couple of hundred quid here (chest of drawers for downstairs) and a couple of hundred quid there (dentist fees every month), but to white at the thought of spending a couple of hundred quid on cloths. But, well, that's geeks for you.

Bluewater plusses: It isn't Oxford Street. It only takes 30 minutes to drive there.
Bluewater minuses: Lots of teenage kids with weird haircuts and seriously tasteless tops that they will be embarrassed to see photographs of in 20 years' time, when, to a man and woman, they will have entered premature Essex middle-age.


Having bought a chest of drawers for downstairs, the tenants decided that it was too big. So it now rests downstairs in the vestibule, awaiting collection and replacement. That kind of ruined my day for a couple of hours yesterday until it was kind of sorted out. I've often felt that tenants think all of their rent goes straight into the landlord's pocket for spending on nights out of the pub, whereas in fact, not only does a lot of the money not even reach me (the estate agents take all their commission up front), but, even when it does reach me, the mortgage is 50% more than the income. Far from getting money in my pocket to spend, it costs me money that I could otherwise spend quite happily.

I live with that, because I wanted to own the whole hose, but it's a pain to have it ruin a proportion of what was meant to be a nice day out.


No work, no poker and (as you can see), not much blogging. Normal service resumed later in the week.


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