Apr. 17th, 2008

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Reversing the trend in recent years of sportsmen and media stars moving into the poker arena, the increasing toughness of the poker game has led many bright lights of the game to move into other sports.

Spotting a gap in the golf market now that Tiger Woods is off work for a knee operation, Phil Ivey shocked the poker world and his Full Tilt sponsors by announcing that he would be moving to the US PGA tour next year.

"Harrah's rake just got to be too much", Ivey told CardRunner USA on the Desert Palms Links. "I figured that it tennis players can move into Poker, then I can move into golf". Full Tilt immediately announced plans to sponsor its entire poker team in various sports as part of its guerilla campaign "to make poker respectable again".

Almost simultaneously, Gus Hansen, after what he described as "one call too many", has signed a six-month contract with the LA Lakers. "Hell, it's just running with a ball, remembering to bounce it, and then putting it into a hoop", he said. "How difficult can it be?"

The UK stars have not been left out. Andy Ward, after months of courting volatility, told Sportspages that "Volatility is a cruel mistress". He is doing the reverse of hanging up his boots and has signed to QPR for the 2008/09 season. "Basically, they said that I was the only guy who could kick a ball who was willing to work for the wages that they could afford", he said.

Richard Gryko, meanwhile, after learning the shocking news that "J6o is, basically, not as good as I thought it was", has quit poker for Hollywood, signing up to play Spiderman in Spiderman IV: The Net Closes In. Toby Maguire had been signed to make the movie, but was last heard of in a underground New York game muttering "if he cracks that cookie one more time, I'll have him".


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