Apr. 29th, 2008

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"Why have we stopped?" enquired I of Jan, as we halted on a country lane from I know not where to I know not where.

"To let the horses by without frightening them", she said, pointing to two large brown quadrupeds which, because of my extensive experience of betting shops all over London, I immediately identified as being of the horse breed. They were being ridden by two considerably smaller bipeds of, I suspect a roughly similar age to the animals which they were astride.

"If the cars in London stopped like that every time a horse was around, nothing would ever move", said I. "I suspect that they don't scare so easily in London".

"Perhaps", nodded Jan, who is wise in the country ways, "but my mum is an experienced horsewoman, and she's been thrown by rearing horses a couple of times".

"I can honestly say that I have never been thrown by a horse", I said, proudly.

"Have you ever been on a horse, Pete?"

"Of course. Woodside Bay, Isle of Wight, 1970. I was 14. It trotted. I didn't like it. That was the last time I rode a horse.".

By this time the horses had ambled by, and the car could resume its place as rightful owner of the road. If God had meant us to ride horses instead of drive cars, surely he would have made our bums a different shape?


The broadband came back on at 1pm on Saturday, having involved a replaced socket (I now have an external filter, that I had to pay for. Thanks BT) and a reset. So, if one thing positive has come out of this, it's that I know how to set up the Belkin after a hard reset. I must get round to setting up some kind of security on it one day. The tech-number supplied on the Belkin box doesn't work any more, btw — another example of companies doing things now that are of no guarantee for the future -- an important thing to remember when you make any deal with a company that involves a "promise" from them of a future service (e.g., the British gas fifteen quid a month in the vague hope that, when something goes wrong, they will send someone round pronto. Why should they? They've got your money, sucker.) Companies renege on promises all the time, and it's interesting to talk to salesmen to ask them what the situatioj would be if the company selling the product went into administration "because you had heard on the grapevine that it could happen any day now". That gets them worried about their already-obtained-commission rather than about selling to you.


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