May. 2nd, 2008

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I've figured out the new Party Poker loyalty points programme.
Well, when I say that I've figured it out, what I mean is, I've worked out who's behind it. The new rules have been designed by Reiner Knizia and the inspiration is Puerto Rico. Once you have that as Base Camp One, you are nearly home and dry.

Here's one marvellous section of the FAQ on the super new loyalty points programme. I can't reprint it all. You would lose the will to live.

Reward Points: These are the points you can spend. They go up as you collect them by hitting your Weekly Goal and they go down as you spend them.

Generating one standard PartyPoint does several things:

1) You get one point closer to achieving your Weekly Goal.
2) You add one Reward Point to the number of points you can collect as part of a Weekly Goal during the next 10 weeks.
3) You earn one Loyalty Point.
4) You move one point closer to claiming your active bonus, if you have one.

So, that's all clear, then. Apparently my "weekly goal" was 82 points. Achieving those 82 points increased my cashable party points by about 190, because my "modifier" is 2.4, but if I score another unspecified number of points, my modifier goes up to 2.6. With me so far?

Except, there's just one thing missing. While there are several references to the "weekly goal", at no point do they mention what constitutes a week. Is it Sunday to Saturday? We are never told.


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