May. 18th, 2008

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A common comment you will hear and read from sustained online and offline poker players who are cutting back on their game, despite their profit, is that they are fed up with spending 16 hours of a day looking at a screen or sitting in the Bellagio, only to go home/go to bed feeling that that's another day out of your life wasted. You can cope when you've chopped it off for a fair bit, but when it's a break-even day (or, worse, a bad loss), you feel that the whole thing is a bit of "wasting your life away".

I was feeling that yesterday when I played a shedload of hands to just about break even after allowing for rakeback and the like. I knew that I had run slightly bad (hitting top full house on the river against a cannnily-played flopped quads was one example, losing with KK to T3off all in preflop was another), but that wasn't the point. Opportunity cost was coming into play. Even if I had won a hundred bucks, I would have felt that it was a day wasted. It would have had to be $500 or more for me to have felt that it was "worthwhile".

This is not a good way to be. At the moment the opportunity cost is about ok. $15 average an hour, I accept it. But I can see the time coming when that will not be enough. And if I can't make that amount (and, as Terrence Chan observes in a recent post, the state of the art in poker has advanced a lot in the past three years. which means that you have to put in more work just to stand still) then I might just cut back and become a "social" player who enjoys his game and is content to break even -- ("it's a cheap hobby").


I bought PokerTracker3 this morning. All a bit of a culture shock after seven years or so with PokerTrackers 1 and 2. The analysis available once again raises the spectre of how much time should be allocated to R&D before it eats into your hourly rate. 10%? 20%? PT3 comes with Poker Ace Heads Up Display already installed (and, as a bonus, I get a free copy of PT2 and PAHUD with my PT3 purchase, which means I can run PT2 on four computers rather than two). I still haven't worked out the aliases, but actually I might keep them separate. The database structure is also completely different, which means that effectively you keep the lot in a single database.

One piece of information now available to me that I didn't see on PT2 was how much better I have done overall on Betfred (IP Network) than on NoIQ (also the IP Network). The former is 8.25bb/Hour over 40,000 hands, while the latter is just 3.92 over 70,000 hands.

I will have to do some research on the PT3 forum to see what joys await me of which I am as yet unaware.


I ate out three times last week. That's definitely too much, even if the food was relatively healthy (OK, the burger and chips and petit pot at Chez Gerrard on Friday probably doesn't qualify here).

The Friday meet was with the good DY and new acquaintances Dominic Bourke and Elie, old muckas of Mr Young in one of his previous incarnations. Pleasant discussions all round. Elie ia an "Investment manager" and just about confirmed all my prejudices -- albeit in a marvellous charming fashion. But the most entertaining part was of the time that they were talking about selling advertising space in a planned new magazine on Opera.

Lunch on Thursday was at Back To Basics -- this time the three of us (two workmates) had the set tenner menu, and it was great value. Get the bread as well (and a drink) and coffee you have a full meal for £17 that's just about right for lunch.

And 11 new CDs arrived. Woohoo. It's great to play the new CD from James (plus "Best Of"). Surely one of the more unlikely great revivals from the 90s, but they seem to be on top form.

Nick Cave on Friday on Jools was as spectacular as ever. One of his musicians seemed to be planning to do some side-work with ZZ Top.

I bought the Brandi Carlyle album on the strength of her appearance on Jools, and I wasn't disappointed. It may sound a bit MOR to some, but I think it's her voice that sets her apart.

Portishead , Raconteurs, Radiohead, Guillemots, the usual suspects. Irritatingly my Phillips piwece of shit doesn't want to play any CDs with PC tracks on them (in this case, Brandi Carlyle and The Guillemots). Maddening.


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