Jun. 13th, 2008


Jun. 13th, 2008 11:29 am
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I started the day by stabbing myself on a cactus as I was watering the tomato plant. Then, when I arrived at the office, my 'swipe' card ('proximity' card?) failed to open the front door. Either my employment had been terminated rather abruptly, or Friday 13th was in full swing. I awaited the third event so that I could claim that things came in threes, but it never transpired.

(Then again, they did ask me to return the key to the front door as well, so perhaps it was the employment thingy after all. Although the reason that they gave, that we are moving to another office, did make some sort of sense, I suppose...).

Or perhaps it just works to Far East time, because last night was an entertaining example of bad-runnitis. Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays have been the bad days this year, and this week has so far lived up to the form book.

Four of the events were just kind of "oh bugger it" moments. Twice in 8-handed games I got KK in the Big Blind and twice it was passed round. Bleaagh.

Then I got AA and all the money went in. Obviously opponent had AA. Flop gave me a 4% chance that I would flush him down, but that didn't happen either. Fixed, I tell you.

Then I came in with JTs (spades) on the button and was pleased to see a Q98 rainbow board with three opponents. Small lead from UTG, raise to 3x from me and passed round to initial raiser, who called. I put him on something in the QJ/QK arena, maybe TT. Flop is 4S, giving me flush draw. Check from opponent and pot bet from me, leaving about a half-pot bet behind if opponent calls, which he does.

River is a red seven, which changes nothing. check from opponent. All in from me. Call from opponent, and he shows JT for a split pot. I'd be delighted if anyone would care to explain his play here, because JT was one hand I didn't put him on.

The only genuine bad beat in terms of money that I lost came with 9h 7h in the big blind, and there's a strong argument here that I made my own bad luck. Something like three limpers and a flop of Jh 8h Ad sruck me as an obvious lead out of $3 into a $4 pot (leaves $96 behind). Call from UTG (about $102 behind) and raise from short stack to $10 (leaves him just $10 behind). I'm in a bit of trouble here because of the player on my left, but he's limped utg and called my open on the flop, so this would be a strange time for him to decide to shove in extra cash. I call. UTG calls. I have $89 behind and pot is $30 or thereabouts.

Turn brings a very nice Ts, giving me a nicely concealed straight (although the sages will have spotted that it's in danger against KQ, a perfectly rational holding for UTG if he's looseish, although my stats tell me he isn't). Since SS opponent can't possibly check here (possibly a naive assumption) I check. UTG checks and SS obligingly throws in his last $10. The only question here is, how much do I raise?. I put in a raise to $45, leaving me $44 behind. UTG calls, which seems to rule out KQ (but, what do I know -- see previous hand). River brings another Ace. This could put me in a hell of a hole and I immediately wished that I had raised more on the turn, as I just realised that I had pot-committed myself and given UTG implied odds to a set. I should probably check-call, but instead I shoved and got called by JJ -- another hand I was't expecting to see.

I'm going to get stacked off with this hand once the flop comes down to most betting sequences. UTG's play of JJ seems a bit odd to me (particularly the failure to raise at any point on the flop) but, what do I know? However, given the ranges (rather than the cards as they lay), I definitely played it wrongly. These things happen nearer the end of the week, even if I've had a sleep, which seems to indicate that tiredness creeps up through the week without me noticing that it is doing so.


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