Jun. 23rd, 2008

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One thing that you do not get in town is the cats bringing in animals.

"I think I should warn you", said Jan, as I made to go to have a shower "that the noise you just heard was the cats torturing a rabbit".

"Ahh," I said. "What colour is it?"

"Small, brown and very pretty. Oh, and scared to death".

"Well, I have no qualms about this. Meat eaters have to be callous about animals' lives if they are to retain any credibility", I said.

On stepping onto the landing I saw one of the cats (Millie) staring fixedly at the spare bedroom door. Unusually, the second of the household's current retinue of three cats — KT — was also there. KT is currently known by me as "the cat who wasn't there", as she is definitely bottom of the pecking order of three. She too was starting at the spare bedroom.

I wandered round to catch a glimpse of the frightened rabbit.

Now, I may not be an expert on the animal kingdom, but even I know that rabbits don't have beaks ... or, for that matter, wings.

The "rabbit" was in fact a moorhen.

Actually, the rabbit was two moorhens. Two cats, peer pressure, keeping up with the Joneses, etc. If one cat brings one in, I guess that the other cat feels obliged to follow suit.

Jan's son Dave was assigned the task of getting rid of the birds. Moorhens can be nasty buggers.


You don't often find per 50-50s in Hold'em, which made this hand a curio:

Me: Js Th
Opponent: Ad 8d

limp from opponent round to me in the Big Blind and I check.

Flop comes Jd Ac 9c. I lead out with a 2/3 bet, since this will normally get an Aceless opponent to fold. Opponent calls and I'm fairly happy to check-fold on the hand. However, turn brings:

Jc Ac 9c Td

completing my two-pair. Although opponent could have A9 or AT, I think it far more likely that I am up against a bad Ace. He's fairly short-stacked anyway. I bet, opponent mini-raise and another double-up raise from me puts him all-in.

He turns over Ad 8d and hits his diamond on the river. So it goes.

There are 44 cards left here, and 22 win for me, while 22 win for opponent.


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