Jun. 26th, 2008


Jun. 26th, 2008 01:21 pm
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When I wrote that everything remains the same in the City, I was being a little inaccurate. Many years ago the Mecca opposite Datastream was turned into Yeungs, a Chinese restaurant. Since then what was the Computer store from which I bought the USB Card from my old Hewlatte Packard has become a Benugo. And a Pret has appeared out of nowhere.

And, for an area that does't change, there seem to be an awfully large number of cranes and lorries around. The weird thing is, the things that they rebuild seem just as grey and anonymous as the things that they knock down.

Obviously, walking along Leonard Street, there is a sign half-way along saying "Pedestrians please use other footpath". This almost ubiquitous demand is accepted because, well, what's the harm in telling pedestrians to cross the road? But, for some reason, it irritates me. hell, it's MY footpath, not yours to tell me to use the other one.


I had an excellent night at cards, not because of the amount one, but because I managed to avoid two bullets when my guts told me that I might be in trouble. My very first hand of a 500-had session I picked up Q8 of clubs one off the button. I checked my post and got to see the turn cheaply after two clubs came on the flop. The turn brought a club and somehow I managed not to get stacked off with the second nuts. God bless opponent for not smacking it all in onthe river, because I would have found it hard to fold.

In the second instance I flopped a set of sixes on a KsQs6s board. Opponent had the nut flush and position on me, but I still only lost half my stack. Once again I can mainly thank poor play from my opponent rather than good play from me.

Then, the two times when I was winning in similar situations, I successfully stacked off my opponents. You can go 1000 hands without an all-in confrontation these days, then you get a threatened four of them in a single session.

I've now done all my work on Party and I can focus on the Stars bonus, where I have ben a bit tardy (which is not, I hasten to add, the adjective derived from that hideous contraction 'tard). I'm happy with the way things are going at the moment, and have made quite a few adjustments more suited to the non-manic tight-passive play that you see during the afternoons. These guys are not hard to beat, although you won't take as much off them as you will the guys who are always looking to make plays. The trick is to avoid the boredom getting to you.


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