Aug. 1st, 2008

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Sometimes you just get lucky. We've had fantastic weather, I've discovered what looks like a cracking 3,000 page trilogy to keep me entertained, and then last night I got to watch Bergman's Wild Strawberries for the first time.

I have no shame into coming on some great pieces of art late in my life. I probably wouldn't have appreciated Bergman so much when I was younger in any case. I really enjoyed The Seventh Seal when I saw it for the first time a couple of years ago, and I was aware of some of Bergman's later work. But I hadn't seen Wild Strawberries, from 1957. This really was a joy to watch, to the extent that, even though I knew I had other things that needed doing, I carried on watching it.

And, to top it all, Freddie Flintoff bowled one of the best overs I have seen for a long long time. Two wickets given and one unbelievably refused, presumably because if you gave LBWs when Flintoff was in that frame of mind, no match would last longer than a couple of sessions. Anyone who decries the five-day game (or even cricket in general) should dig this over out on YouTube. It's riveting.


On the downside, I was woken up in the night by a serious pain in my left little finger, almost certainly tendonitis (I know this now because ibuprofen has acted in its required anti-inflammmatory way). It was the worst attack I can recall and rendered the little finger almost useless. That's a bit of a bummer when you are a touch-typist.

The left-little finger was always the one in danger of RSI (which, to be blunt, is what this tendonitis is) because I only used the shift and CTRL keys with my left hand. Given the huge number of CTRL+Ss. CTRL+Vs, CTRL+Xs and CTRL+As that I plump through each day (not to mention the single shift with a letter to get a capital at the beginning of a sentence) then the miracle is that it's taken so long.

Luckily I'm on holiday soon, and that should give the tendons (the pain runs from the top knuckle down to near the wrist) time to settle down. However, it's worrying for the future.

That said, I can type without using the little finger -- the third finger just takes over -- albeit a little more slowly. But that will eventually bring on the tendinitis in that finger.

Within a few years I'll be typing with only my right hand, left thumb and nose...


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