Oct. 16th, 2008

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Well, the fact that it's a depression is good news, isn't it? I mean, we've been in depressions before, whereas a full-blown banking collapse in modern society would have been new territory entirely.

Mind you, when I say that we've been in depressions before, I mean that some of us have. Indeed, for ageing glass-half-empty codgers such as myself, an economic depression isn't that off-putting at all. We just go round saying "I warned you that the good times couldn't last forever".

No, it's the relentless optimists that I feel sorry for, particularly the younger ones. Will they have the required coping mechanisms?


I've, possibly temporarily, crawled back into the black for October. However, what I feared about $200NL has kind of come to pass. I'm not losing, but my earnings are lower than the expected EV for $100NL. I'm going to stick at it, if only because playing at the higher level is good for my overall game.

One of my weaknesses, and it's one that I can't see how to cure, is the manner in which I play my last few hands before getting up from the table. I know that it's all 'one long game', but if I suffer a big loss on a hand only a minute or so before I'm ready to get up and go, it has a mental effect on me far greater than if such a loss happens early in the session. In other words, playing 'as normal' can have a metagame negative effect. However, playing 'not as normal' (more weak-tight) has a tactical negative effect, because I am not playing the individual hand optimally. I've tried to rationalize this by calling it a kind of balancing play. My opponents don't know that I am about to leave, so playing much more tightly for those few hands might have some value, but this really is just rationalization.

Part of the problem is that I insist on sticking to the tradition of playing round to my big blind. Maybe I should just leave all the tables at once, no matter what my position.


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