Nov. 1st, 2008

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I have a complex TV system in the front room. It can do just about anything except telephone the Ukraine and make me a perfect cappucino.

Except, this afternoon, one of the bits of complexity stopped working. There are six basic bits.
A DVD Recorder
A Dubbing box
A booster box (so that the TV here in the office gets a good signal)
A Freeview Set-top box

Previously, I could record any which way I chose, including from VCR to DVD. But this final part stopped working.

And thus ensued two hours of fiddling around, trying any and every way. Things then gor worse. And I still haven't fixed it. The Dubbing box sits alone and I can play the VCR through the TV, but can't transfer to DVD. And the DVD recorder now only wants to record via the digital channels. It's ignoring analogue broadcasts completely.

I'm too fucking ill. I'll look at it tomorrow.

Things were not helped by a phone call on my mobile half-way through this disaster. "Richard Gryko", said the screen. Clearly, like most people, I keep a number of people on my contacts list in order to know not to answer the phone, but I was in a forgiving mood. It got me away from the TV shit.

Except that all I heard was what sounded like the repetitive riffling of chips. I can only assume that this was Gryko's subtle way of telling me that he hadn't been knocked out yet. That or I'm at the top of his phone contacts list under the "to be avoided at all costs" section.

And my cold is worse. Bleaaagghhhh.


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