Nov. 16th, 2008


Nov. 16th, 2008 09:24 pm
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Why do ANY retail distributors use DHL? The few pennnies that they might save in distribution costs (and that is debatable), must surely be more than outweighed by the fact that DHL will only deliver during office hours. The company's sense of PR is abysmal, so your back is truly got up even before whatever it is you have ordered has arrived. You immediately resolve to buy your stuff from someone else next time -- someone who does not deliver via DHL.

So, I return from MidCon to see a message posted through the dfoor — that no-one was at home when DHL tried to deliver a package. The message continued:

"We will attempt to re-deliver the parcel again tomorrow (Except on Friday when re-deliver (sic) will take place on Monday).

"If you will not be in to recieve (sic) your parcel tomorrow, please contact us by 1800 today to make alternative arrangements to recieve your parcel.

"If this is the 2nd delivery attempt we have made, we will wait for your call before making any further dlivery attempts.

"If we do not hear from you in 7 days your parcel will be returned to the senders".

And, obviously, the number to call to rearrange delivery is an 0870 (national rate) number.

Now, DHL are very good for business delivery. They tend not to lose stuff and they get it quickly from A to B. It doesn't really matter that they produce written material that verges on the illiterate. They aren't publishers ("re-deliver again"?). But it does matter that their entire model is just laughable for the retail sector. If I'm not in at 3pm to collect a parcel, what is the chance that I will be back by 6pm to change the attempted redelivery? Not high. And only seven days before a return to sender? What if you are on holiday?

It's a classic case of a company trying to fit one business model into another business model, and ending up looking like a tit for so doing. Net result is that in the future I am prejudiced against DHL (even though there are other areas where they are reputedly very good) and the company that sold me the product (because they are using the wrong delivery service).

This is is not complex business sense that's required, just simple common sense -- a facility which many companies in the UK are sorely lacking.


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