Dec. 22nd, 2008

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To Tesco this morning for a thankfully brief Christmas provisions restock. It was pleasantly empty, but unpleasantly playing Christmas Carols of some mid-west provenance. The same tunes were probably playing in Idaho, Colorado, Kansas and Alabama.

Notwithstanding that, my stir-fry beanshoots and mixed vegetables had been stolen. They had been replaced by Brussel Sprouts. I'm sure there's a legal case here for religious discrimination against Confucians.

So, I bought the veg separately. But no beanshoots were to be found.

The Festive Season is alive and well in Lewisham in that "Civil Enforcement Officers" are still keen to issue "Penalty Charge Notices" (translation, parking wardens giving you a ticker) to innocent drivers who want to do little more than park outside their own house while, yes, they go to renew their annual parking permit. That's one fine that won't be paid, be it sixty quid for prompt payment or £120 if you have the temerity to take your time about it (or appeal and lose).

Indeed, I've sent a letter to the processing department (in Worthing, naturally) to tell the coastal-inhabiting non-London fuckers demanding not just a withdrawal, but also a retraction. I've also reserved legal rights to sue them for whatever takes my fancy. Serves them right for living in Worthing.


Managed a bit more decorating yesterday and I really need to try to do some more today. It's a right royal pain, but the sense of achievement when it's done is good. Kind of like cleaning, but better.


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