Aug. 5th, 2005 07:10 am
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I couldn't get on to Betfair to lay the draw at lunchtime yesterday -- bloody site wouldn't load. So I missed whatever price was available, somewhere around 7-to-4 I suspect. Needless to say the day continued exactly as I anticipated, with England spraying the ball in all directions until they missed it or mis-hit it, at which point they were out. The 7-to-2 available the draw at the moment isn't worth laying. Perhaps if the rain persists today the draw-backers might re-emerge. The game won't last four days, let alone five, so a lost day will be no problem.


I know it's cruel, but I'm afraid that when I saw the headline yesterday "Brain-dead woman gives birth", my immediate reaction was "And your point is...?"


I discovered another US city plagiarism yesterday. We all know about Paris, Texas and I reckon most online poker players know about Athens, Georgia; Rome, New York, Moscow, er, Idaho; St Petersburg, Florida, Vienna, Missouri and Berlin, Wisconsin (There are other cases of some of these, I know). But until yesterday I was unaware of Belgrade, Montana. One does have to wonder what kind of population shift took place in the 19th or perhaps early 20th century to result in a bunch of Serbians not only ending up in Montana, but actually being there in large enough numbers to name their town after their capital. But, and this is what gets me, why not call it Beograd? Why the English version?


Left house yesterday morning. Shit. It's raining. Rush back indoors, grab raincoat, put it on, leave house. Try to button it up. Notice that I have managed to grab my other blazer. So, I'm now wearing a blazer OVER a blazer. Go back into house again. Miss train. So it goes.

The only reason I could manage this is that I bought one blazer when I was a stone heavier than when I bought the other. Now I am a stone lighter again, so my (newer) blazer is now a bit too large. I didn't realize that I could get it on over the smaller blazer, though.

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