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I had a 2,000-word piece in Insurance Day today, where I managed to get in a quote from a former WSOP champ. Yes, "Robert Baldwin" (as he now seems to be known) was commenting on the damage to the Beau Rivage in Biloxi. I'm now trying to work out how to get a Phil Hellmuth quote in there.


I continue to burn money at the Party Poker tables as I move slowly towards accumulating enough hands for the by now relatively worthless $200 bonus. Once again, I flittered from table to table, looking for a "good" game. By the time I found one, I was more than $80 up. Which I proceeded to throw down the drain and several hundred dollars after it as two players on my right (one calling 48% of the time and only raising pre-flop with Aces, the other calling 60% of the time) continually outdrew me. I gave up expecting to hit any kind of flop. Obviously when my Aces finally hit a set on the flop, no-one called me, even though I gave them a chance to catch up a bit. Very depressing. Net result, about $200 disappears again over three hours. I made one frustrated call with AKs on a board of QQ763, solely on the (not that remote) chance that my UTG raiser opponent had either AK or AJs. Obviously he had AQ off. I'm beginining to forget what it's like to win. In addition, the game is MUCH more tiring to play when you are losing! Eventually one of the fish went broke (it took him three hours, and he didn't lose it to me) and the other one left after he won back some of his substantial losses (he did win some of it from me). I could cite some hands from the past few days, but they aren't that remarkable. Standard limit stuff of players either beating you when you had them beaten at the start or on the turn (and you can't criticise their call) or beating you on the river when they shouldn't be in the hand at all (which means that you WANT them to call).

You keep chanting the mantra, but it's tough sometimes, very tough. Still, maybe things will be different tomorrow. And perhaps they won't.

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