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How about this hand from the tourney tonight.

Blinds 25-50. You are UTG+1 with 2350 (starting stack of 2500) and pick up AsKd. UTG limps. You limp. MP1 limps, MP2 limps, MP3 limps, passed round to SB who calls. BB declines the option. Pot 350.

Flop: Ah Ac 5d.

UTG checks. You check. MP1 checks. MP2 bets 100. MP2 had 2850 at start of hand, so he has you covered. Passed round to you. You call. Pot 550.

Turn 8d.

You check. MP2 bets 200

MP2 has been an active player so far, but you have not had many hands to go on, so he might just have been getting good cards.

What do you do?
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You are in a Betfair NL tournament. Four players are left (five prizes paid), but one of the players disappeared about half an hour previously when chip leader. He has been blinded away to the point that he will be all-in within a couple of hands. You are third in stack size with the chips something like:-

You: 19,000
Opponent 1 (small blind) 29,000
Sitting out guy (Big Blind) 1,200
Opponent 2 (UTG) 24,000

400 is in the pot in antes and 1200 is in there in blinds:

You are on the button and get AK offsuit. Opponent 1 is quite conservative but opponent 2 is capable of decent play.

Opponent 2 (UTG), raises 2400 to 3200.

Prize money is

1st 108 euro
2nd 65 euro
3rd 43 euro
4th 21 euro

To completely put yourself in my position, you have just done $600 in four hours on Party, so the money is not that important in the grand scheme of things.

You put opponent on a range of any pair, Ax down to A9, any Axs, KQ, KJ, KT, Kxs down to K8, QJ, QT, Q9s, JTs maybe J9s.

If you win the hand, you reckon you are 55% to win the tournament.

If you lose the hand, you are fourth.

What do you do?

How would the situation change if you had 9,000 rather than 19,000?

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