May. 29th, 2008

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Whoo hoo. We've finally got Internet Explorer 7 at work (note the fact that I use the full term, rather than "IE7". Use of such abbreviations in blogs is a serious sign of geekdom and I try to avoid it. Of course, in poker, it sometimes slips through).


After six weeks or so of running badly the inevitable has started to happen and I have begun to play badly too. The solution isn't complex. Do some stats analysis, do some reading, do some re-reading. Play more ABC poker according to strict rules and wait for the "touch" to return. However, the implementation of the solution is complex. For the first time, I wonder if my heart is still in it. It's a bit like the geeks vs jocks and chasing girls thing that was in an excellent article referred to by the esteemed Mr Young a few months ago. In that piece, it was astutely observed that many of the "geeks" moaned that they didn't get the girls, while the jocks did, without realizing that the major reason was the geeks didn't want it enough (even though they thought that they did). If getting sex and playing sports as a 17-year-old are your sole aims, to the exclusion of exams, reading, non-physical games, culture, and whatever, then you are going to get more sex. Similarly, if getting better at poker is my sole focus, then I'm more likely to succeed than I am at the moment, when work, life, and houses all get in the way. I'm not going to give those things up solely to focus on poker. Because, just as I was not in the "sex is everything" camp as a 17-year-old (and, as a result, of course, didn't get it), so I'm no longer in the "poker is everything" camp today. That does make me sad, because (as with the getting-sex bit as a youngster) I would like to be really good at poker. But I think I have to admit to myself that no longer do I want it enough.


The Royal Institute of Chartered Surveyors has objected to London Mayor Boris Johnson's plan to publish detailed maps of reported crimes. A RICS spokesman said that "publicising high crime areas in such detail could literally wipe thousands off house prices overnight, further disadvantaging those who are already struggling to make ends meet".

I'm in a rush, so I will leave it to you to spot the two obvious idiocies that this statement entails. And this is a professional body.

Personally, I think that it's a bad idea to have surveyors at all, because if they discover faults in a house, it could wipe thousands off its value overnight....


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