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OK: General consensus is for a pot raise, with one argument for a limp-reraise.

As it happens, the pot raise is right, but no-one spotted why (including me, when I was playing, which goes to show that you should always pay attention). My own line of thought that I was likely to get action for something slightly larger than a pot raise. I'm looking to double through here, and a "mere" pot raise is more likely to win me about 500.

So I raised it to 320. This was a mistake. As Sklansky might say, "can you see why?"

This went round to CO1, who promptly went all-in for 440. This got round to the small blind, who called. All others folded, and it came back to me.

Shit. I thought. If this was Prima, I know that I would be able to raise again. Are the rules the same on UB?

Unfortunately not. Because CO's raise was an underraise, I could only call.

Still, possibly no harm done. As long as an Ace doesn't come on the flop.

Pot size: 1410. I have 1120 in front of me.

The flop comes 986 two clubs.

Small blind bets 400.

What do I do?

No Limit

Oct. 31st, 2005 07:41 am
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Here's an interesting hand from yesterday. Having accumulated vast numbers of Ultimate Bet points, I've found that I can buy into $5 tourneys for 1250 points. This is a good way to relax after the more serious cash play. Into level 3 (1500 chips to start, 12 minute levels, going 5-10, 10-20, 15-30, 25-50, 75-150, 100-200) this happened. It's a two-parter, and this is the brief first-parter. I'll do the 2nd question this evening and give the result at this time tomorrow:

SB: 3830 (posts 15)
BB: 1410 (posts 30)
UTG: 6800
UTG+1: 1300
MP1: 1450
Hero: 1560
MP3: 1200
CO1: 440
CO2: 1200
Button: 1530

You are dealt Kc Kd: because this is a relaxing tournament (for you, the others may be taking it very seriously), you haven't been paying a lot of attention, but the attention that you have been paying has shown that the big stack is prepared to gamble, the small blind is solid, and none of the others look particularly exciting.

Betting goes: UTG limps, UTG+1 limps, MP1 limps.

What do you do here?


Oct. 26th, 2005 07:25 am
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A disappointing 19th out of 48 in last night Stan James tournament. Although I went out with KK vs AQ, the damage was done earlier. And once again my nemesis was AKs.

I've come to the conclusion that I have no idea how to play this hand, particularly in late position.

Scenario is thus. I have 4,600 (avge stack about the same) and the blinds are 75/150, about 25 of the original 48 players left.

UTG+1 (with a similar stack to me, perhaps slightly out-chipping me) raises to 300.

Question 1: How much do I bet here? I chose to raise to 800. Original raiser calls, making a pot of 1850.

Flop comes Q 7 2 with none of my suit. UTG+1 checks.

Question 2: Do I bet here? If I do, then how much? I chose to bet 1,050. This is about the standard size of my continuation bet these days -- around 55% to 60% of the pot. Opponent flat calls.

Turn is some rag kind of card (a nine, I think). UTG +1 checks.

Question 3: Do I bet here? If so, how much? There is 3950 in the pot. I have about 2800 left and opponent has just about the same.

I think that I will leave it there for the moment. Because I'd really like to know why I always seem to get into some kind of trouble with AKs. The only time that I don't is when I bash the whole lot in pre-flop, which is hardly a skill recommendation for NLHE.

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