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While I try to summon up the justification for buying not only a new computer but also the Dell 30-inch 2520x1880 (or somesuch resolution) monitor, I come up against the small wonders of technology that make you wonder what on earth is happening inside the non-minds of these machines.

1) Both my DVD recorders decided to lose a day. This actually only resulted in me failing to record one programme properly (a Larry Sanders episode), but how it happened remains a mystery. The time was absolutely accurate, but both DVDs thought that it was yesterday. I must have a look at my VCR and see if the same thing happened. How can this happen?

2) Although my Dell comes out of standby when I press the start button, my older Hewlett-Packard has always taken a mouse movement as a signal to "wake up". This is not an ideal situation, as the merest vibration seems to set it off.

So, I decided to change the settings so that a keyboard action rather than a mouse action re-awakened the machine. Now, here's a little quizlet. How do you think this piece of power management is achieved in Windows? I tell you, Microsoft excelled itself here. Nigh on 20 years I've been using this bloody system, and it still has the ability to come up with new surprises that convince me most of Microsoft headquarters is populated with borderline autistics who just do not think like ordinary people do.

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