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So, Andy Ward wastes five hours of his Saturday winning a grand in a PLO 8oB tournament? Pah! I mock this! I wave my private parts at it! I scoff in scoffulous ways unmentioned even in the Encyclopaedia of Scoffing (2nd and Revised Edition). For I have truly mastered greatness today. Yes, I have put a tile up in the bathroom and I have successfully put down that squidgy rubbery sealant between the tiles and the bath.

And as if that wasn't enough, he continued in scoffulating mode, I played three hours of $5-$10 while simultaneously putting up shelving. Okay, it was a slow game (with perhaps a couple of players working in collusion, but they were so bad that they lost anyway), but I make that a pretty corking brace of "got dones" for a Saturday.

In fact, I've just left that game, which was a heartbreaking decision. But if you play for three hours, and the maniacs are still there, but you are beginning to get tired and you have other things to do, should you stay in the game or not? I mean, games like that are not two a penny (there were 18 on the waiting list), but if you start staying in games even though you don't feel like playing, just because it is a very good game, are you not sliding down some kind of slippery path? I mean, it might as well be a job, mightn't it?

I dunno, I guess that I'll regret leaving it when I'm sitting down tomorrow and every game seems a rockfest, but at the moment, well, I'd rather watch TV, to be frank.

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