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Because my US freelance is on holiday, I have more to do this week, so I am saving commuting time by working from home today and Thursday. There are various things you have to do when working from home (well, you don't HAVE to do them, but it is advisable). One is to prepare for the day normally. This consists of shaving, showering, and dressing reasonably correctly. Just getting a cup of coffee and sitting down at the keyboard in your dressing gown is not good enough. Some people advocate that you go for a half-hour walk, imitating the "journey to work". But since I'm doing this to save the time on that journey to work, this seems a bit pointless. But I can see the reasoning behind it.

When you work at home you work a lot quicker. This is because offices are mainly occupied by people chatting rather than working. Marketing people spend about 1/50th of their time marketing, one-fifth of their time in meetings, maybe a quarter of their time staring at spreadsheets and databases in a manner which makes it look as if they are working, but they are not, and the rest of their time chatting. Journalists spend no time in meetings (if they can help it), but do spend a lot of their time chatting. So, when you are at home, you are already 100% more efficient than you were, because there is no-one to chat to.

And with that, I note that my work day is about to begin, so I shall disappear for a while.

I'm going to try to cure my currently awful poker play by making a list of errors. My failure to bet on the river is coming back. It's a function of a couple of bad sessions and a feeling that all is wrong with the world. I must overcome it. And I must also avoid this bet on the river with an ace-high. It's terrible. I know it's terrible, even at the time, but I still do it. And, finally, I must find out why I do things which even at the time I know are wrong. This is the toughest one of all. If I can just stop that flaw, I think my win rate would increase by at least 1BB an hour.

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