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I had an irritating, but thought-provoking, hour or so on Ultimate playing PLO. Initially I thought that it was because I was getting landed with more difficult decisions than usual. Then I realized that everyone else at the table was deep-stacked, which made things more complex than the normal collection of $25 and $15 (plus one or two $100+es). Finally I spotted that I was thinking about stack sizes and the implications for what would happen (or could happen) on the turn. The old “bet the hell out of it and see what happens” Birks had gone by the wayside. Because there were deep stacks everywhere, I had to consider the possibility of pot bets on the turn. If I was out of position (which I invariably was, usually in the Big blind seeing the flop for nothing!) this made things difficult.

The first hand (which I forgot to get the hand history for) was perhaps one where I should have got as much as I could into the pot on the flop.

I picked up AAQ2 rainbow under the gun and limped. Unless I plan to throw the hand away, there isn’t much else I can do here. Five other limpers got to the button who raised to $3. Folded in SB and BB to me. I have $50, raiser has $96. I can reraise to $12 here. Should I do so? I really don’t know. I bottle it and call. All bar one of the limpers folds. Three players and $12 in the pot.

Flop comes QT2 two spades. I have top and bottom. Do I bet $12 here? I really don’t know. I bottle it and check-call a $5 bet from the button. The other player also calls. $27 in pot and I have $42 in front of me. At least I now have a plan. If the turn is a rag, I intend to check-raise the turn. The turn is a six. I check, and the other two players check check behind me, the bastards.

River brings a Jack. I check, Opponent 1 checks and initial raiser bets $15. I fold. My opponent almost certainly has AK here.

I really had no idea where I was at any point at all in this hand, and it still has me puzzled. I think the check-raise plan on the turn is a reasonable enough turn, but at every point prior to that my major worry was that a bet from me left too much in out respective stacks with me out of position. I want to check-raise all-in, but I can’t see how I can manoeuvre it. Against shorter stacks, controlling the tempo of the hand is so much easier.

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Like the excited dog running round and round in circles (but without the excitement), I've just played 3.5 hours of $50 PLO on Paradise for a grand profit of 25 cents. If I extrapolate that hourly rate over the year my total gain by December 31 would be $84.

In fact I was the best part of $20 to $30 down for the last 90 minutes, in a game of quite unrepeatable tedium. I mean, there were big pots going on, but I was never involved in them. I misplayed one hand (but learnt from it, so that's okay) which might have cost me a $5 pot (I should have bet out or check-raised rather than checking and calling the flop), but apart from that, I've had more fun watching paint dry.

I won all the money back as the table was breaking up through entropy. Yes, my world-renowned short-handed PLO technique was shown to good effect.

But here's one from earlier. I got it right, lost, didn't care.

Blinds $0.25/$0.50 Pot Limit Omaha Hi
Table "Funafuti" (real money) -- Seat 9 is the button
Seat 1: rubberduck2 ($76.00 in chips)
Seat 2: another ($57.00 in chips)
Seat 3: rodolfox ($43.75 in chips)
Seat 4: krypto_dog ($14.50 in chips)
Seat 6: MTS327 ($22.00 in chips)
Seat 7: snake&dragon ($13.00 in chips)
Seat 8: RLeinad ($50.00 in chips)
Seat 9: harleyjoe1 ($10.50 in chips)
Seat 10: Birks ($48.50 in chips)
Birks : Post Small Blind ($0.25)
rubberduck2: Post Big Blind ($0.50)
RLeinad : Post ($0.50)
Dealt to Birks [ Td ][ As ][ Kd ][ 6s ]
another : Fold
rodolfox: Call ($0.50)
krypto_dog: Fold
MTS327 : Call ($0.50)
snake&dragon: Call ($0.50)
RLeinad : Check
harleyjoe1: Raise ($1)
Birks : Call ($0.75)
rubberduck2: Call ($0.50)
rodolfox: Call ($0.50)
MTS327 : Call ($0.50)
snake&dragon: Call ($0.50)
RLeinad : Call ($0.50)

harleyjoe liked these mini-raises on the button. I'm happy to call 75c to see a flop. There's little risk of a limp reraise at this table.

*** FLOP *** : [ 6h Ac 3d ]

Gives me a ropey top two pair, but what hands am I frightened of? Not many. 33, 4578. I think that any bet here will be on a drawing hand, or possibly a bare Ace. I'm a bit thin to check-raise and if the bet comes from early position, I may walk away from the hand.

Birks : Check
rubberduck2: Check
rodolfox: Check
MTS327 : Check
snake&dragon: Bet ($7)
RLeinad : Fold
harleyjoe1: Call ($7)
Birks : Raise ($14)

rubberduck2: Fold
rodolfox: Fold
MTS327 : Fold
snake&dragon: Call All-in ($5)
harleyjoe1: Call All-in ($2.50)

I don't really want to give myself a decision with zero implied odds on the turn (because the opponents are both short-stacked). I think that I am in front here against a drawing hand and a bare Ace. I reckon my equity is good. I'm raising.

*** TURN *** : [ 6h Ac 3d ] [ 8s ]
*** RIVER *** : [ 6h Ac 3d 8s ] [ Jd ]
*** SUMMARY ***
Pot: $33.50 | Side pot 1: $5 | Rake: $2
Board: [ 6h Ac 3d 8s Jd ]
rubberduck2 lost $1 (folded)
another didn't bet (folded)
rodolfox lost $1 (folded)
krypto_dog didn't bet (folded)
MTS327 lost $1 (folded)
snake&dragon lost $13 (showed hand) [ 7s 3h 2s 6c ] (two pair, sixes and threes)
RLeinad lost $1 (folded)
harleyjoe1 bet $10.50, collected $33.50, net +$23 (showed hand) [ Kh Jc Ts Ah ] (two pair, aces and jacks)
Birks bet $15, collected $7, net -$8 (showed hand) [ Td As Kd 6s ] (two pair, aces and sixes)

snake&dragon revealed himself as woefully inept (and continued to reinforce that image) and my bare Ace read was correct. My equity was 60% on the flop. Unfortunately, this was about the only interesting situation that presented itself for hours!

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