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I’ve been taking this stuff seriously. I actually read some stuff on 2+2. Anyway, it would appear that players are claiming a loss rate in the small blind and big blind of 0.11 of a big bet in the small blind and 0.18 of a big bet in the big blind.

I’ve long known that blind play is one of my weaker areas, so I’ve decided to defend more and raise more. There is a natural tendency to “overshoot”, I know, and perhaps I did here. But, it worked. Anyway, I rock and you suck, so here it is.

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And so The Boardwalk closes its doors for the final time. Needless to say, despite having stayed there several times, I never bothered to pick up a $1 chip from the place, solely because I don't think that I have ever gambled there.

I have an old affection for some of these down-at-heel won't-be-around-much-longer places, and not just because they are cheap (although that is a factor). I suppose that it's in the British nature of supporting the underdog. As the LasVegasVegas blog states, the new is celebrated, the old can go screw itself. So, who else is to care for the San Remo (now reinvented as "Hooters", I believe), The Boardwalk and the El Cortez?

There are other, less deserving cases (the Luxor, Circus Circus, Stratosphere, Binion's) for which I hold no such affection. But some places, for some strange reason, deserve more.

I think it was partly the Boardwalk's architecture, kind of a ramshackle evolution with different lifts for the two different main blocks, plus the section of ground floor rooms on the way to the pool and, finally, the cheapest of the cheap, the separate motel rooms. Security-wise, these were a nightmare, but they had the plus of allowing you to pop in and out, directly to your car in the employee's car park, without going anywhere near the casino.


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How about this hand from the tourney tonight.

Blinds 25-50. You are UTG+1 with 2350 (starting stack of 2500) and pick up AsKd. UTG limps. You limp. MP1 limps, MP2 limps, MP3 limps, passed round to SB who calls. BB declines the option. Pot 350.

Flop: Ah Ac 5d.

UTG checks. You check. MP1 checks. MP2 bets 100. MP2 had 2850 at start of hand, so he has you covered. Passed round to you. You call. Pot 550.

Turn 8d.

You check. MP2 bets 200

MP2 has been an active player so far, but you have not had many hands to go on, so he might just have been getting good cards.

What do you do?
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You are in a Betfair NL tournament. Four players are left (five prizes paid), but one of the players disappeared about half an hour previously when chip leader. He has been blinded away to the point that he will be all-in within a couple of hands. You are third in stack size with the chips something like:-

You: 19,000
Opponent 1 (small blind) 29,000
Sitting out guy (Big Blind) 1,200
Opponent 2 (UTG) 24,000

400 is in the pot in antes and 1200 is in there in blinds:

You are on the button and get AK offsuit. Opponent 1 is quite conservative but opponent 2 is capable of decent play.

Opponent 2 (UTG), raises 2400 to 3200.

Prize money is

1st 108 euro
2nd 65 euro
3rd 43 euro
4th 21 euro

To completely put yourself in my position, you have just done $600 in four hours on Party, so the money is not that important in the grand scheme of things.

You put opponent on a range of any pair, Ax down to A9, any Axs, KQ, KJ, KT, Kxs down to K8, QJ, QT, Q9s, JTs maybe J9s.

If you win the hand, you reckon you are 55% to win the tournament.

If you lose the hand, you are fourth.

What do you do?

How would the situation change if you had 9,000 rather than 19,000?
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One thing we can be sure of, we won't be seeing a three grand profit this month! Ultimate has been pretty horrific since the middle of last month, while on Party I've had three losses of over $100 and two more of sub-$100 in 10 sessions. The £90 on Betfair brings the loss back to respectability (minus $92) but the cards seem to be running cold. Oh well, good that they do that when I am not playing $15-$30, I guess!

I was pleased with my play here.

$5/$10 Hold'em - Sunday, July 10

Seat 10 is the button
Total number of players : 10
Seat 2: Birks ( $503.5 )
Seat 3: kidney2 ( $496.5 )
Seat 4: johnscalise ( $68.47 )
Seat 5: otig17 ( $298 )
Seat 6: pbob22 ( $270.5 )
Seat 8: jiw7400 ( $216 )
Seat 9: monkEstud ( $424.47 )
Seat 10: akiy0003 ( $534 )
Seat 7: yggod ( $0 )
Seat 1: mlakh ( $57 )
mlakh posts small blind [$2].
Birks posts big blind [$5].
** Dealing down cards **
Dealt to Birks [ As Kc ]

johnscalise raises [$10].
mlakh calls [$8].
Birks calls [$5].

There's an argument for a reraise here, but (a) I am in the middle and (b) a flat-call with AK can catch out a lot of raisers with AQ or AJ. Johnscalise has light raising standards. I might have him strangled. And I don't want mlakh (loose and passive) to get too emotionally involved.

** Dealing Flop ** [ Kh, Ts, Tc ]

mlakh checks.
Birks bets [$5].
johnscalise calls [$5].
mlakh raises [$10].
Birks raises [$10].
johnscalise raises [$15].

mlakh calls [$10].
Birks calls [$5].

Hmm, interesting stuff. I didn't see mlakh having a 10 here. He would have check-raised the turn rather than the flop. QJs, a pair of queens or jacks, AQ suited? Or is it late at night, he's short-stacked, and tilting it off? As for the calise cap. Also interesting. I suspect he is looking for a cheap turn card. Whatever, I think that I am in front.

** Dealing Turn ** [ Qd ]
mlakh checks.
Birks checks.
johnscalise bets [$10].
mlakh raises [$20].

Birks folds.
johnscalise raises [$20].
mlakh is all-In.

I have no problem folding here. I'm not sure why or how I am behind, but I'm fairly sure that I am. I suspect that mlakh has, after all, got trip tens.

** Dealing River ** [ 4h ]
johnscalise shows [ Ah, Ks ] two pairs, kings and tens.
mlakh shows [ 9h, Jh ] a straight, nine to king.

johnscalise wins $3 from side pot #1 with two pairs, kings and tens.
mlakh wins $141 from the main pot with a straight, nine to king.

Ahh, so mlakh WAS tilting it off on the flop, but then he hit his gutshot on the turn. But the key play that saved me here was my check on the turn. If calise checks then I get to see a cheap showdown. If he bets then mlakh has to act before me. His check-raise allows me to fold in comfort.

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