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So, Party has now made a bid (well, okay, "non-binding approach" ) for Empire! Well, that came a bit out of the left field. But perhaps we shouldn't be surprised. When the abortive SportingBet approach for Empire came in, PartyGaming was seen as a far more logical bidder. So Party stitches the company up by taking away its toys, causes its share price to halve, and then puts in an approach! Marvellous! I'm sure that these guys learnt their trade playing 1830 back in the early 1990s.

It would be interesting to see what the reaction to this will be on the Empire futures price on Finspreads. Up about 20% would be my guess, maybe a bit more. Somewhere around 135p? I wish I had taken my own advice and taken a long position when Empire was in the mid 80 pences...


Meanwhile, in the world of Ultimate Bet, Pokershare, the "share our profits" UB skin, has been effectively shut down, with accounts being closed if you are in North America. The ins and outs of this affair are, if anything, even more hilarious than the Party/Empire/Eurobet dispute.

Quite a few bloggers were promoting the Pokershare network. It looks like the "40% of our profits" will turn out to be 40% of zero. However, UB doesn't come out of this smelling of roses. Screams of "unfair!" from the UB camp and references to "greedy Englishmen" by your friend and mine, Dan Druff, star of stage, screen and coat twirling. (Pokershare was the brainchild of Englishman Max Wright). Ahh, accusations from America of being too capitalist. That's the trouble with the US today -- full of darned socialists.

This is more fun than actually playing.


Bugger me, I can't keep up:

Betfair is bringing its tables in-house, but we all knew that, didn't we? What we were unaware of was the timing. Cryptologic have kindly informed the world that Betfair will continue its exclusive agreement with WagerLogic until June 2006, with an option to extend until January 2007. So, it looks like Betfair will dump Cryptocrap between June and Christmas next year.

And, FINALLY for the day, (I hope), there is an as yet unconfirmed report that Gala, which snaffled up Coral Eurobet a week or so ago, is going to quit the "old" Party Gaming network. Just as Empire's shares went up, well, back down they came. Empire will have to rename itself if this carries on much longer.


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