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Who invented dress-down Fridays? And why? My theory is that the clothing industry was desperately looking for ways in which men could be forced to spend more on clothes. After all, "casual Friday" isn't what it pretends to be. I suspect that if half the men in offices turned up on Friday the way that they dressed on Saturday, well, they'd be towed away to the funny farm. Sitting down at the desk in dressing gown and flip-flops is not yet permissible, even in these latter fashion-days of "anything goes".

The "casual" (we have no letter or dipthong to express the soft "j" as in "Anjou" or "caj" -- why is that?) look is, of course, a uniform all of its own, and one that I studiously decline to join. Designer jeans or chinos, expensive slip-ons rather than expensive lace-ups, and labelled polo shirts rather than cufflinked shirts from Horton & Bent of Old Broad Street. Nonsense, the lot of it.

Uniforms, ah, uniforms. I think that one can always guess the lack of intelligence in young people by the extent to which they attempt to pretend that they are "individual" and then all end up dressing like their friends. Anyone "truly" rebellious gets short shrift from the conforming "rebels". Rebellion against authority has its own rules. If you want to find the right person to employ, pick the rebel who goes outside conforming rebellion. The trouble is, that person will probably be expelled from school because the teachers are also too stupid to understand.

Jeans that hang down to your butt cheeks? Revolutionary? I mean, Hello? Boring, dude, boring and conventional.


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