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Jul. 17th, 2006 08:41 am
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Is this how world conflagrations start? With little local matters in Lebanon, the Gaza Strip, Jordan, then Syria, then Iran? I dunno. Maybe.

I have been to Haifa. Indeed, I have been to within a couple of miles of the Israel-Lebanon border. Fortunately it was more than 25 years ago and, at the time, Anwar Sadat and Menachim Begin were friends. Both are dead now.

The place was quite peaceful when I was there. It didn't even occur to me that it might be considered a war zone, although I did get a lift back to Jerusalem from a soldier driving a truck.


Challinger is in Corsica which, I would imagine, cannot be much hotter than London. I'm not looking forward to tomorrow or Wednesday. The 33 degrees we are likely to get today is just about the peak of bearability. When it gets to 35 or thereabouts, you basically need air-conditioning or a very wet flannel. When it reached 38 degrees in summer 2003, well, forget it. Kill yourself.

Luckily the air-conditioning is holding up at the moment, and there's always the gym, where the air-con is absolutely ace.


The poker boom not only brought a lot of people into the game who aren't really anything to do with poker and who have no idea what it is really about (the individual against the world, contrarianism, a perpetual mental struggle), but clearly it has brought an equally significant number into the administration side. Ladbrokes invited me into a freeroll yesterday. I accepted. I wasn't registered. I also wasn't surprised, since they failed to send me a Rounders DVD from several years ago. But Harrah's seems to be attempting to break all records for fuck-ups.

I went to their website yesterday to check Flamingo rates for December. Needless to say I cannot book online because for more than 7 nights you have to dial 1-800-HARRAHS. Equally needless to say, there is no indication of what nummber you should dial if you are outside the US. Harrahs is a south US operation. They don't have passports in those parts. Their idea of "abroad" is somewhere like Ohio.

However, they do have a FAQ section. While this didn't answer my question, it does offer you the opportunity to ask one.

So, ayone who is interested to now how much (or little) Harrahs paid for the WSOP decks of cards this year, why not ask them on their site? Interested in how much of the juice feeds back to dealers? Well, why not ask them on the FAQ site? Wondering why Mainland European and UK and Ireland players have been treated so abysmally over the tax issue? Ask them a question on the FAQ site. I'm sure that Harrah's will be keen to answer.

Or, why not contact investor relations?

Telephone: 800-340-3626 or 702-407-6381
Fax: 702-407-6383
Email Address:
Mailing Address:

One Harrah's Court
Las Vegas, NV 89119

(This is in Caesar's Palace, I think).

All part of the Birks customer service.

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