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Does there exist a pepper mill and a salt mill that doesn't cease operating within a month of you buying it? I had this really cool pepper mill, and I thought that I had cracked it, but tonight it just upped sticks and stopped grinding properly. Is there some intrinsic constituent of pepper that negates the grinding process? Buggered if I know.

I went into grumpy old man mode this evening with my bank. I e-mailed them saying "please cancel this direct debit forthwith. I am paying the bill in one annual amount from now on".

Reply arrives today. "Dear Mr Briks. Do you want us to cancel this direct debit?"

I promptly fired off a missive mentioning not that I thought I had made this request fairly clear (this point came later) but going into one because they had misspelt my name. "This indicates carelessness", I ranted, soon getting into full flow about carelessness being one thing that I will not tolerate in a bank, and that if they can't spell names right, who knows where my money might end up, blah blah blah. Oh, and please pass this to your superior and ask him or her to contact me.

Well, I DON'T want people dealing with my account who happily transpose letters in a surname.

What drugs should I take to make me lighten up?

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