Oct. 27th, 2005 07:13 am
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I had a lie-in this morning.

Well, I didn't really, in that I still got out of bed at 5.30. But I went to be last night at half-past-eight. That meant that I woke up at around 1am (I tend to sleep in no more than four-hour bursts), went back to sleep, and then woke again at 4am, ready for the day.

At this point it's a choice between getting up, firing up Pokerstars and working off a few bonus dollars, or, well, not.

This morning it was quite distinctly not. Which was why I had a lie-in.

About a dozen years ago the South London Mafia lines would have been buzzin' these past couple of days. Crystal Palace beat Liverpool, then Charlton beat Chelsea. Perhaps we are, happily, somewhat less worried about 22 men kicking a ball about than we used to be. The American blogs seem to indicate that yer average American Joe maintains a healthy or unhealthy fanaticisim for basketball, American football and, to a lesser extent, baseball. And the avatars used on pokerstars, when they aren't devoted to dogs or babies, are often pennants of some unheard of football team from the back-end of nowhere.

My guess is that, as even the hinterlands of America succumb to globalisation, this tribalism (for it is little more than that) will fade somewhat.

Cut to, a bar in shithole, northern New York State:

"Hey man, the Bills really gave it to the Cardinals last night, eh?"

"So what?"

And so it is here. No gloatings from Mr Tringham in Hong Kong, and only a minor gloat from Mr Woodhouse of Sidcup. And no whinging from Lord Oakes of Mersey. However, the latter may be because he can't get online, or his TV has broken, or hurricane Wilma has moved east apace, flooding the Mersey Channel and cutting him off. Perhaps we will never know.

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