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Winning a few bob at limit, losing a few bob at PLO, and can't win a place in the Stars FPP satellites for love nor money. Went down the tubes after an hour of careful play last night, building up to 2000 chips while the average stack zoomed to 3,200, and got K8 in the big blind (50-100). Limp UTG and passed round to SB, who completes. I check. Flop is K53 rainbow giving me pair of kings bad kicker. SB (who has 7500 in chips) checks, I check and UTG checks. Turn is a Jack, putting a potential flush draw out. I bet 300 into the 300 pot and get called by the small blind. River is another king. SB bets 1800 into the 900 pot, putting me all in if I call.

I think and think. He has the stack to be able to risk that money, and players who have accumulated a fair amount early on tend to be punters. Could he be trying it on with Jack-Ten, something like that. He might even have King-small and my 8 kicker would play. I call, and he turns over a pair of threes. So it goes. I still can't decide if I should have folded or called. I know that I have called in similar situations in the past and have won, but I can't for the life of me remember if I am ahead or behind in the long run.


Similar lack of experience hit me in a PLO hand (my last of the night). I picked up AQJ9 (Ace-Jack were suited) UTG and limped for 50c. It was raised a dollar by a very aggressive player on the button. I called.

Flop came T75 rainbow (one of my AJ suit). I check and it's checked round to the button, who bets $4 into a $12 pot. I think that I should fold here, but it was my last hand, so I called. Everyone else folded.

Turn brings a King of the fourth suit. I check, Button bets $8 into a $20 pot.

I can now hit a lock with an Ace, a Queen, a Jack, a nine or an eight. If I put my opponent on something like AAKT, I am a 35% shot, so I'm getting 3.5 to 1 on a 2-to-1 bet, even assuming opponent folds.

On the downside, if opponent has something like AAQJ, I might be shooting for just half the pot in most cases. All things considered, I think that a call is right (we are both fairly deep-stacked, BTW).

Anyway, the river brings a 6. Now, I COULD bet $36 here, staking a claim to an 89. But I don't. I check and fold to opponent's bet.

A myriad of different things that I could have done, with the best probably being folding to the extra dollar pre flop! But, hell what lessons would I have learnt from that?


To lunch this week at 24, the restaurant on the 24th floor of Tower 42 (the old Nat West Tower, to you and me), to discuss the current state of the European Insurance Market. Yeah, man, I pick the fun topics.

Disappointing food, to be frank, with the lamb particularly sub-standard. It's all very well trying nouvelle cuisine stuff, but if your supplier lets you down on quality, the faults are just magnified. And this lamb just wasn't good enough to be cooked at a high heat for about 3 minutes and then left in the oven for 25 minutes for the heat to seep through into the virtually raw inner sanctum. You need lean meat for that, and one with a marble of fat running through it will be just chewy. And this one was. Oh, and the taste wasn't that great, either. I'm hopeful that the regular chef was on a day off, because it's worrying if he lets dishes like that out of the kitchen. Actually, it's worrying if he allows meat like that into the kitchen in the first place. New supplier, 24!


I seem to have damaged the top of my shin at the gym. Curious, because I didn't increase the weights on the machine which might have caused the pain, although I did increase the number of reps from two sets of 12 to three sets of twelve. The pain only came alive when I got home yesterday evening. It's now just very sore. My major fear with this weights machine has been damage to the cartilage rather than to the bit where the shin attaches to the knee. I wonder if I might have pulled something on the rowing machine. Damn, I need a book of anatomy!


On the limit front, the Stars bonus is in play and I'm having a nice run there at the $5-$10. This is curious, given the problems that I had at $3-$6! Without any particularly spectacular cards, I've been getting away from losers and creaming in the winners. Here's one example. I got JJ on the button. MP1 raised and MP3 called. I pitched the hand through gritted teeth. Why? Because I rated that flat call as being a monster. And it was (KK). But there was another reason. I've gone back to the "only enter a pot pre-flop that you intend to win - pitch hands that appear to offer 'value'" strategy. At Stars the Ace-x suiteds on the button or one off the button, with a couple of limpers in front of you, seem to be seriously minus EV.

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