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I'm afraid that I have a prejudice against fat (as in, quite obviously badly obese) young adults. It's vaguely understandable in kids if the parents are bad, although kids have so much energy, I never quite worked out how anyone managed to build up calories in their body before the age of 10. And with people slipping into middle age, well, I don't like it, but I can see how it happens. But for anyone between, say, 16 and 30, obesity strikes me as an advertisement for lack of willpower.

As such, the sight of Eric Frolich when he became the youngest-ever winner of a WSOP bracelet depressed me. My god, I thought, surely the man is at least 40. He's a ringer. Beard, "clothes designed for comfort" and, well, a lot of weight.

However, the man is redeemed, at least in my eyes. Last night I watched the ESPN coverage of his win, and during his ESPN interview, he commented that last year he had been too young to play, so he had played "vicariously" through his friend David Williams.

Now, as far as I am concerned, a 21-year-old who can casually drop the word vicariously into a poker interview is definitely okay by me. Still, Frolich won the bracelet, so what does he care what I think. I'm sure all the attractive women will suddenly be pulled towards his "great personality" of "wonderful sense of humour" or (insert any other synonym for "one hell of a bulging wallet").

Candidate for "wanker of the tournament" was clearly Todd something-or-other, who is DanDruff on Pokerstars. Oh well, at least it gave Norman Chad someone to criticise. With luck, Todd will have watched his performance on ESPN and will be cringing with embarrassment. Incredibly, not one of the other players threatened to lamp him one if he didn't shut the fuck up.

And, from the highlights that we saw, he wasn't a very good player. In fact, I don't think that I have spotted so many tells in such a short period of time in my life. And yet, he got through to third in a very large field. What does this say? Presumably, that the limit events now have one hell of a lot of dead money in them. Perhaps this might be an area to go into training.

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