Aug. 7th, 2008


Aug. 7th, 2008 01:20 pm
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Bashed out about 1,400 hands last night to clear off some Betfred bonuses, with predictably bad results. It doesn't always work that way, of course; the last Party bonus I played a lot of hands to clear also saw me coining it in. Last night was a standard "running bad turns into playing bad" night, although I did pull back from $240 down to $80 down -- only to spunk away another $80 of that comeback.

One entertaining cooler was when I called a $4 raise on the button (one caller of the raise) with 44, and saw flop of 477. Initial guy (quite tight) cont betted, and cold-caller (v loose) called. I lumped in a substantial raise in the hope that loose player has something like A7s (and also to make sure that original bettor doesn't get an implied price for his probable four outs on the turn). Initial bettor folded and loose player called. Excellent, I thought, although his lack of a reraise could perhaps have set off alarm bells. It mattered not. The turn brought something unfrightening. he checked, I bet two thirds of his stack and he called. River brought a King. He checked, I put him all in, and he called, promptly showing his four sevens.

Later in the evening I got Aces back to back in the big blind and small blind. In the first case it was passed out, and in the second it was passed round to me in the SB. I put in a 3x raise preflop and the big blind folded. Net gain on the two hands, $1.50. I'm sure that's a fraction below Aces' normal EV. Darned nits. So, about $250 down for the month, and no more play for a week or so.


Yes, I'm toddling away for a while. Whereas my holidays tend to be "Get plane to Vegas, get in cab, book into hotel room", holidays with Jan clearly involve logistical talents on a par with those needed to organize an invasion of Poland. First there's the car valet at the airport. Then there's the car at Malaga airport, and then there's finding the caretaker of the villa in which we will be staying.

Fun aspects of the booking process. The car valet at Gatwick Airportr, from "Purple Parking", will apparently be dressed appropriately. I dread to think.

I only booked a compact 2-door/4-door in Malaga because, whenever I have rented a car, I have been offered an upgrade for about 5 pesos a week, and I have accepted. Also when I turn up to collect my car, there tend to be two staff, a dog, and me (plus about 100 cars in the pound). When I put our ETA at the villa at about three and a half hours after landing, Jan pointed out that I hadn't allowed for the queue to pick up the car, plus "it's never where they say it is". Queue? For a car rental? This was not Alamo, I said. But, well, clearly Malaga airport in High Season is not the same as Dublin at 11pm on a February Tuesday night, or Ben-Gurion airport in the middle of a war, or Las Vegas (non-Alamo).

To obtain the keys to the villa, we have to enter an unmapped town with one donkey and a goat. There the owner of an unnamed bar will meet us (set back from the road between a dry-cleaners and a tyre shop). We can then phone the caretaker who will come down to show us how to get to the villa. I fully expect it to be about 2,000 feet up in the mountains and accessible only by a 4x4.

So, packed and ready to go at 5am tomorrow morning. At least I've got my Priority Pass executive lounge escape route. See youse all in a week or so.


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