Nov. 17th, 2008

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There appears to be a new zeitgeist in music-land; it's one of catchy tunes, slight kookiness, and sixties-homage.

Noah And The Whale's "Five Years' Time" appears to owe its immediate saleability to the Ting Tings and its hisstoric musical lin eage to Jona Lewie. As with many artists, it's frequently wrong to judge them by their hit single (otherwise David Bowie would be forever condemned to appearing in panto in an Anthony Newley-like role while singing his single hit "Laughing Gnome") and Noah and the Whale are no exception. But, that's the song you are going to hear, a lot.

And then we have The Feeling's "Join Us", some kind of cross between Madness and Pink Floyd for its first half until the band lose their nerve, bring on the electric guitars and revert to type.

Not to mention The Hoosiers' "Worried About Jane", the opening riff of which is, note for note, the same as the start of "So Happy Together" by The Turtles.

Does this herald or signify anything? Probably not. Zeitgeists are odd, and follow no rational pattern. Sometimes they have lasting significance, while other times they are what the word claims, just something that catches the mood of the moment.


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