May. 7th, 2008


May. 7th, 2008 07:57 am
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There's an episode of the IT Crowd where Richard Ayoyade recommends a restaurant called Messigio's, which is assumed to be some kind of Italian place. In fact the restaurant is called Messy Joe's, an establishment catering to brain-dead young children and their parents (or perhaps that should be the other way round).

I was reminded of this when I walked back down Wardour Street yesterday to see that "Japanese" sounding place that I said would be replacing Luigi's. I noted on my return trip that it was in fact called "Inamo".

I suspect that this, contextually would be:

"Are you going to take forever getting ready darling?"

"I'll be with you in a mo".


My broadband is still not right. I did some diagnostics on it yesterday and discovered that the throughput configuration is only 500kbs (i.e., what I was getting seven years ago!), even though the line is capable of 448 upstream and 8092 downstream. I did some online checking on possible causes and, as a result, actually did some telephonic realignment (basically, pulling out the '3' wire from both active sockets, leaving just '2' and '5' connected -- something that the BT engineer should have done when he changed the face-plate so that it needed a line splitter, but he didn't). I've no idea whether this will increase the throughput configuration (it hadn't done so when I tried this morning) because for reasons I can't quite work out, it takes up to three days for any higher speed to 'bed in'. If things have't improved by next Monday, it looks like another call to the BT Broadband helpline. I'm considering slitting my wrists already.

The old faceplate system certainly wasn't capable of 8mbps -- 2mbps was the max I ever got. But the altered configuration appears even worse. Sigh. BT are fuckheads.

Latest pondered option is Pipex Office Pro or Pipex Office Premium.


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