Aug. 5th, 2008

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Only the power of LJ could remind me that it was Geoff's birthday today, thus allowing to share a happy event with Neil Armstrong, Barbara Flynn and (were they not dead), John Huston and The Elephant Man.

Falling off to sleep last night at 8.30 in the evening was predictably disastrous. I woke up at 10.15 and then didn't get back to sleep until about 1.15 in the monring -- not good when the alarm is going to go off at 5.30am.

Another trip to the dentist this afternoon, with slow progress definitely being made. It's hard to judge what is happening with the bottom row of teeth, because cunning dentist seems to push some teeth the wrong way before, like one of those magic number puzzles, everything suddenly gets two moves from completion and they are all pulled back into shape simultaneously (in so far as a six-week shift could be termed "simultaneous"). Hell, of course it can; it's not the same as "instantaneous", is it?


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