Nov. 13th, 2008


Nov. 13th, 2008 07:23 am
peterbirks: (Default) Gabrielle, if my memory serves me correctly.

But no, I am referring to the quite staggering decision of the powers-that-be to offer we humble ants of the publishing industry not just a pay rise (I had been expecting nothing), but a considerably better pay rise than last year. I'm not really sure why the news that I will be getting an extra fifteen hundred quid a year net should have me dancing in the street when I would be looking to achieve a "rise" of considerably more than that at the poker tables, but it does (we are talking metaphors here, guys). I guess it's because it's a guaranteed (well, sort of guaranteed -- assuming the company is still around!) income.

I could probably do better with my blog income as well by splitting up my posts among different blogs and attempting to generate advertising income. I need an ads manager!

And Sterling fell to below $1.50. It took Sterling seven years to get to where it got last December, and 10 months to lose it all back. This is also good news on the Birks front. I take $1K out of Party every month for pocket money, and this used to just about cover two x £200 withdrawals a month. Not it just about covers three such withdrawals, with nearly the same amount "extra" accruing in the Citibank dollar account.


Also, news that Cryptologic is to merge its poker operations with Boss Media. Virgin sent out an email this week promising to make it easier to move cash in and out of the site (it used to use some hideous WebDollar operation that sapped the will to live), but the fear is that Crypto will abandon its own software in favour of the almost universally despised Boss Media software. Who knows, perhaps Boss Media have improved it, but every time I went back, I wanted to commit suicide after a few minutes' play.

Virgin also used a contributed rake system that generated very little cash for me (added to which the rakeback site in question would only pay a minimum of £25), so the whole site became pointless to play.


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